Take Care of Your Home Away From Home

Get your cabin ready for the winter or the summer

You've loaded up the car and made the long trip up to your cabin, excited about your relaxing lodge retreat. But your would-be vacation gets derailed when you try to turn on the faucet and discover that your pipes have burst. Avoid this fate by trusting VanWatermulen Plumbing, Inc in New York Mills & Perham, MN to get your cabin ready for winter.

Water expands when it freezes, which can lead to bust pipes and ruined vacations. We'll flush out the pipes so they don't freeze when the temperature drops. To make sure your cabin is ready for the long winter, we also:

Start in September before it gets too cold
Put antifreeze in the toilets and sinks
Blow water out of the sewer lines.

Call today to learn more about closing up your cabin for the winter in New York Mills & Perham, MN.

Open up again when the warm weather hits

Open up again when the warm weather hits

As you start ramping up for summer, we'll revisit your cabin and check for any trouble with the pipes. We'll do a full inspection to make sure there are no broken pipes or drains. Then we'll turn your water back on, making sure that all the valves are in the right place.

You'll be back in your cabin enjoying the great outdoors before you know it.

Contact us now so we can reopen your cabinet after winter.